3rd Transnational Project Meeting

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In March 2022, the third transnational meeting of the Project was held in Buccinasco, Milan (Italy), at the facilities of our partner ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO STATALE PADRE PINO PUGLISI.

During the first day of the meeting, different administrative aspects of the Project were discussed, such as the financial plan and the dissemination of results through the Project's social networks and those of each partner.

In addition, each partner presented 5 finished reviews and the children testing videos. Also, the facilities of the Italian School were also visited, where it was possible to know how the teachers work with their students and exchange impressions with the teachers from Slovenia, Portugal and Spain.

During the second meeting day, each partner present a mission, the game and video, where the development of the mission and its implementation with students were shown.

The gamified platform was also presented, where the 20 topics developed during the project will be located, which you can find at the following link: Gamified Platform

Finally, the next activities to be carried out by the partners were also planned, and the next meeting, which will take place in Slovenia in May, whose host will be the VZGOJNO-IZOBRAZEVALNI ZAVOD OSNOVNA SOLA ROGATEC.