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School of the 1st cycle and J. I. Portela, the Basic School 1 Moscavide Cycle and Primary School EB 1 Dr. Catela Gomes. From the school year 2010/2011, this grouping joined the Secondary School of Portela, who went to school-based and continued to designate themselves by Portela and Moscavide Group of Schools. This grouping of schools is inserted in the Loures municipality and its area of competence the union from 2013 two parishes of very different ways: the village of Portela and Moscavide parish. In the parish of Portela is located in an urbanization with about 30,000 inhabitants belonging to the middle socio-cultural stratum and medium-high. They are also part of Portela parish some suburbs where intertwine populations of ethnic groups and religions. In Moscavide parish lies a medium-low socio-cultural population stratum and is in this part of town that resides the largest number of migrants' countries of Eastern Europe and Brazil. Noting some rejuvenation in the two parishes resulting from the return of some decent to Portela and the existence of a large number of immigrants from Europe eastern countries in Moscavide, new concerns arise for schools Grouping. The population of the parish of Portela and Moscavide is served by three schools of the 1st cycle - EB 1 / JI Portela, EB 1 / JI Quinta da Alegria and EB 1 Dr. Catela Gomes. Students from three schools in the 1st cycle belonging to the grouping are usually sent to the Escola EB 2,3 Gaspar Correia. At the end of the 2nd cycle students stay in school EB 23 Gaspar Correia or are sent to the Secondary School of Portela since there is no ability for the 3rd cycle is all in the Secondary School of Portela. There are 2555 students and 200 teachers totally.