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In September 2021, at the facilities of our partner AIJU (Spain), we celebrated the C1 Short-Term Training, where the teachers learned how to create animations and video games with Scratch.

During the Training, the teachers learned about different tools and software that allow them to develop educational video games with their students, in a simple and highly visual way. For this, use was made of tools that allow programming through blocks of programming code, such as Scratch, and where different types of gamified video games were developed that allow students to become aware of climate change, the importance of caring for the world in we live, reducing energy and resource consumption and calculating its carbon footprint, among others. The main objective of these video games is to enhance learning through play.

Likewise, all the training resources developed during the Training sessions, and throughout the entire course of the Project, will be collected and put at the service of all those interested in the gamified platform that AIJU is developing, as a result of the Project.