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The ENGEBA school opened its doors in September 1974 and today has 600 students from 3 to 16 years old and 42 teachers.

ENGEBA is a mixed center that offers students a complete education in a climate of freedom and personal responsibility. It is defined as a liberal, non-denominational, humanistic school with a vocation to train European citizens.

The ENGEBA school is a center belonging to the network of multilingual centers in Valencia. Through the Language Plan, it encourages the learning of foreign languages ​​and opens the door to new, more open and multilingual generations.

In 2014 it received the recognition of Quality Center, becoming part of the Network of Educational Quality Centers of the Regional Government.

Within the teacher training program, a group of teachers from the ENGEBA school has launched the training of "project-based learning". In this line of work, management and teaching, motivation has increased to face new cooperation projects for innovation and the exchange of new practices related to technology and also those that have a scope of application and social awareness.

For the ENGEBA School, participation in this project implies the acquisition of new skills in an environmental environment necessary for the future, as well as offering quality learning and knowledge for students. The objective of ENGEBA is to have a teaching staff updated and prepared to face the challenges of teaching increasingly influenced by the environment and by external news that affect students in states of opinion. Your concern for your future is also our responsibility.

Another of the priorities of the ENGEBA School is that the students are in the best school climate, developing personalized attention to each and every one of them based on the needs and concerns of their students and creating solid teaching and learning bases.

As a school, they are concerned that their students are receiving complete training, in addition to the teachers being in continuous training and that the facilities are in optimal conditions for students to develop in an appropriate environment.

Several of our students have received the high achievement academic award for the elementary and middle school course in the last 8 years.