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VIZ OŠ Rogatec, in Rogatec (Slovenia) held the multiplier event of the Erasmus+ WERWORLD Project on November 29th, 2022, where different teachers from Slovenia could learn first-hand about the results developed during the Project.

In the presentation of the event, the Rogatec Werworld team showed the pedagogical guide that collects good practices and guidelines that can be used as a theoretical and practical compendium for teachers on how to develop a sustainable curriculum for primary school. These guidelines are intended to be a methodological and operational document addressed to all teachers who intend to introduce healthy and ecological practices in their didactics, in order to transform the educational centres into more sustainable places.

Another of the results developed during the Project has been a Gamified Platform, which covers all the topics developed in the Guide and its implementation in education. It also details a series of relevant world days related to sustainable development and the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and how to implement them into the primary school curriculum introducing ICTs.

In the end of the event, the Rogatec Werworld team conducted a practical workshop in which all the participants actively got involved in the one of the results of the project. They played the didactic games that Rogatec Werworld team invented for the Gamified Platform of the project.

A total of 36 people participated in the event.